Design Tailored to Your Desires

For our company, it all begins with listening; we listen to your ideas and dreams, then we design the instrument that fulfills the musical, architectural, and budgetary objectives of your congregation.

Once you’ve shared your vision with us, we gather the practical information we need to develop a plan. We meet with the organist and committee members to share our findings and further discuss the objectives for the new or existing instrument. We then develop a proposal, which can include illustrations of the visual design, an extensive explanation of tonal and mechanical details, and the terms and conditions for the project. If desired, we present our shared vision for the organ to your committee or even to the entire congregation.

It is an exciting endeavor to collaborate with you, both artistically and intellectually, to bring your vision to life.

Meticulous Voicing

The goal of every Muller project is to create the beauty and majesty of sound that can only be attained by extraordinary care in voicing and tonal finishing.

New pipework, custom built to our specifications, is meticulously voiced at our shop to produce the desired effect. When making tonal improvements to high quality existing pipes, we perform an extensive process that returns the pipes to pristine condition, followed by careful re-voicing and regulating. Our expert tonal finishing, even when blending old and new ranks, results in the cohesiveness of ensemble that satisfies the most discriminating ear.

Muller Pipe Organ Company is proud to have Scott Hayes as its tonal director. Scott, an accomplished organist, oversees the voicing of every project.

Inspiring Craftsmanship

Even before the first note of the organ is heard, stunning casework and consoles can have an inspiring effect on the worshipper.

That’s why Muller strives to build cases and cabinets of unrivaled craftsmanship. Constructed from the finest hardwoods using traditional joinery techniques, our casework and consoles feature custom-blended toners and stains with durable finishes to complement the woodwork in your sanctuary or performance hall. These exacting standards of craftsmanship are applied to all parts of the instrument, externally and internally, down to the smallest component.

We are proud to have fifth-generation organ builder Jack Muller directing the construction of our consoles and casework. Jack personally does much of the actual work, from the hand-selection of the hardwoods through the final staining and finishing of each masterpiece.

Undivided Attention to Detail

So that we may invest undivided attention to detail to your project, we concentrate on one instrument at a time.

Once you select Muller Pipe Organ Company as your builder of choice, the excitement begins. Computerized drawings allow us to plan and execute all aspects of the instrument down to the smallest element. Our highly skilled artisans apply their expertise to each individual task. Whether constructing new or restoring existing pipe organs, we strictly adhere to standard organ building practices and strive to achieve the highest possible quality in our workmanship.

Each of our instruments is tailored to the needs of your congregation and is representative of the finest in American pipe organ building.