Handcrafted Console

The Muller pipe organ at First Presbyterian Church in Lancaster, Ohio replaces a 1930 M.P. Möller instrument, Opus 5759. The Möller had been moved from the former sanctuary, plus renovated and enlarged on two occasions. Many ranks of pipes had been handled poorly, and rebuilding the instrument was not considered a viable option. A new Muller organ was constructed and designed for the mid-sized colonial style sanctuary, and is now the centerpiece for the vibrant music ministry of the church.

The organ has excellent tonal projection from tall and wide tone openings and extremely shallow chambers. Designed for maximum flexibility, it boasts a complete principal chorus in both the Great and Pedal, and a smaller chorus in the Swell. The Swell features a flute-based Cornet, warm strings, and articulate flutes. The Oboe and Trumpet act both as chorus and solo stops, and are specified for maximum flexibility using judicious borrowing.

The handcrafted console matches the church furnishings with its colonial style painted cabinet and mahogany accents. The console features drawknob stop and tilting tablet coupler controls, and a 25-level solid-state combination action with multiplex switching.

Diverse Repertoire

The new organ is now a source of pride for the congregation of First Presbyterian Church. The organ allows a diverse repertoire to be played, and fully supports the choirs and lively congregational singing

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