Beautifully Ornate

The first pipe organ at Gay Street United Methodist Church of Mount Vernon, Ohio, was built in 1886 by the A.B. Felgemaker Company of Erie, Pennsylvania, at a cost of $1,800. In 1926, when the present church structure was under construction, the Votteler, Holtkamp & Sparling Company of Cleveland, Ohio, rebuilt the organ, adding a three manual console and increasing the size to twenty-four ranks. During the late 1970s through early 1990s, tonal additions and changes were made and the console was converted to a multi-level control system and solid state coupler.

By the early 2000s, it was apparent that the console desperately needed to be replaced. Although the dimensions of the cabinet were incorrect by modern standards, both the congregation and Muller were anxious to preserve the beautifully ornate and seemingly one-of-a-kind cabinet. To replicate the original design would be cost prohibitive. Consequently, we discussed at length the possibility of somehow incorporating the existing cabinet into the new. Upon close inspection of the console, we determined that we could re-use the two sides as is while increasing the length of the back. The remainder of the console would be new, as all of the components were completely worn out and/or malfunctioning.

In 2006, the console was dismantled, the cabinet was stripped of its old stain and finish, and then was cut apart. A new panel of quarter sawn white oak was constructed and inserted into the middle of the back, along with an onlay, which was hand carved to match the existing. A new top was constructed to accommodate the additional length, and the entire cabinet was stained and finished to the original color.

Interior accents are of select solid walnut. All other components are new.