Brightness & Clarity

The building for St. Michael’s Catholic Church of Fort Loramie, Ohio was constructed in 1881, when a nineteen rank tubular-pneumatic Wangerin Organ was installed. This organ served the congregation in original condition until 1985.

At that time, Muller converted the tubular pneumatic system with the installation of electro-pneumatic primaries and a used 1950s detached console. With leather failing, the entire pneumatic system of the organ was releathered as well. In order to stabilize the wind, the original tri-fold reservoir was replaced with three individual reservoirs and a new static reservoir was added to help quiet the turbulence from the blower. Tonal improvements included the addition of a 2-2/3′ Nazard in the Swell division and a new 8′ Trumpet for the Great.

By 2007, the used console was over 50 years old and the need for an upgrade was increasingly apparent. The decision was made to replace the console, plus continue a series of tonal updates for the organ. A new two-manual rocker tablet console was designed and constructed at our shop, with new solid state operating system. The traditionally styled console is of quarter sawn oak and features solid walnut interior accents.

Tonally Finished

Tonal updates included replacing the rarely used 8′ Gamba with a new III Mixture to provide the organ with brightness and clarity that was lacking. The original façade (comprised of 8′ painted spotted metal pipes) suffered tonally as the result of metal fatigue, and their replacements allow the 8′ Principal of the Great to be much more useful. The entire instrument was tonally finished, ensuring consistent speech from note to note.