A Perfect Fit

Although located in a warm and resonant worship space, the three rank organ built in the 1950s by a local organ builder was simply not adequate for leading a large parish in Mass at St. Patrick Church. By 2000, there were also mechanical frustrations for the organist. A more suitable instrument was desperately needed.

Ideally a new instrument would be designed specifically for the space. However, budgetary constraints meant that a used instrument would be the best option. To complicate matters, the organ had to share space with the choir in a relatively small rear balcony.

New Case

After many years of searching, a 1979 Austin organ with both adequate tonal resources and a small footprint was located. Muller designed and constructed an oak case for the organ’s new home, including new non-speaking façade pipes. The console was upgraded to modern standards. Originally lacking an 8′ flute in the Swell, Muller added a 12-pipe extension to the 4′ Koppelflöte and modified the existing action to allow the rank to play at 8′. All pipes were cleaned and revoiced to suit their new home.

Versatile & Exciting

From the softest stops to full organ, the instrument is now versatile and exciting, providing a firm foundation for the church’s music ministry.