Beautiful Tone

In 1965, Wayside Presbyterian Church in Erie, Pennsylvania purchased a new organ from the Tellers Organ Company. The Great and Swell divisions are well appointed, each possessing a full principal chorus through the Mixture, and a colorful assortment of strings, flutes and reeds. The Pedal division contains only two ranks of pipes, making use of appropriate unification to balance the manual stops. After serving the church for over 40 years, the leathers began to fail, causing dead notes and ciphers. Additionally, the manual and pedal keyboards showed significant aging. It was clear that restoration of the organ was due.

New Console

To address mechanical issues, Muller constructed a new custom built, two manual rocker tablet console. New offset windchests were built for the Trumpet and Principal basses and relocated to make the Great organ more accessible for maintenance. The windchests of the organ were releathered, ensuring decades of trouble free operation.

Tonal Renovation

Tonally, the most dramatic change was to the organ’s Trumpet and Fagott stops, which were replaced from 8′ C up. The new Trumpet features English shallots, and the Fagott was replaced with a new French style Hautbois. The existing pipes from the 16′ range of the Trumpet and Fagott were refurbished and revoiced.

The flue stops of the organ were regulated at our shop. Small adjustments were made to the voicing of each pipe to ensure that it spoke promptly and with quality. Of particular note are the somewhat unusual Dolcan and Dolcan Celeste. These pipes feature an inverted taper and provide a beautifully sweet, dolce tone.