What should you expect?

For clients with a limited budget, a high-quality reclaimed pipe organ can offer savings over a new instrument.


When undertaking a relocation project, we seek an instrument that meets the musical needs of our client and fits the physical space available. Our nationwide network of contacts gives us a broad range of candidates for each situation, and with enough time, a suitable instrument can be located.


Due to the unfortunate closure of a church or a change in musical culture, we are often able to rescue a musically or historically significant instrument.  We carefully evaluate each instrument under consideration. When necessary, we make recommendations for tonal, visual, or mechanical improvements.


As comprehensive pipe organ conservators, we can offer various services such as restoration, releathering, revoicing, additions, and custom cabinetry. When included as part of a relocation project, the result is a regenerated pipe organ with the same lifespan as new but at lower cost.

"The Portageville Chapel, America's retreat for organists, was searching for a versatile instrument to be used by a diverse cross section of musicians. The Muller Company paved the way for a well-constructed organ to be moved from western Pennsylvania to western New York. The whole process was both informative and pleasant. The organ has been trouble free and easy to maintain. There are so many worthy organs available in our changing demographics today. Relocating a solid existing organ is excellent stewardship!"

Timothy Smith, Executive Director The Portageville Chapel

Preserving History

Each successful relocation helps to preserve a small part of pipe organ history, and we take pride in our ability to match congregations with suitable instruments.