Robert Muller, John’s father, introduced John to pipe organs when he was about 13 years old. He worked with his father and uncle part-time until graduating from college.

He studied trumpet performance at Bowling Green State University, where he met his wife, Jane. Though he tried several other professions as a young man, he found that organ building suited him especially well.

John expanded the Muller Pipe Organ company into central Ohio in 1986. The wide variety of skills required, the use of both hands and ears to tune and voice an instrument, and the sheer joy of listening to an instrument after the long process of building or restoration are all deeply satisfying to him.

On any given day, John might be tuning, making a sales visit, putting together a proposal, repairing pipes, voicing, or helping the rest of the crew with their work. The last is a special favorite for John: working with all the talented people at his shop and helping to develop their talents. When not working on pipe organs, John enjoys sailing, gardening, and long walks.

Memberships: AIO, AGO, OHS