Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

The new 82-rank Muller pipe organ at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
in Little Rock, Arkansas was built in the American Classic tradition as developed by the Aeolian-Skinner Company. In great measure,
it is modeled after the G. Donald Harrison instrument at All Saints Episcopal Church in Worcheseter, Massachusetts.

The organ has complete choruses in each division and is notable
for the warmth of its strings and foundation stops, the variety
of its flutes and solo reeds, as well as for the brilliance of its ensemble and fiery French-style chorus reeds.

The beautiful custom-built console is a measured reproduction Aeolian-Skinner. The cabinet is constructed of quarter-sawn
and rift-cut white oak with walnut interior. The moveable
console features tracker touch keyboards of bone naturals
and ebony sharps. It is also fully equipped with a multiple
memory level combination action, MIDI, transposer, and a
record/playback sequencer.

The Cathedral is ecstatic about the instrument and it is truly the centerpiece for the active music program. The organ provides
each liturgy an endless variety of inspiring hymns, choral accompaniments and solo organ works. Together with the quality program at the Cathedral, the Muller organ offers each churchgoer a truly inspirational experience in worship.

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